Welcome viewer.  For a bit over a decade this blog has showcased some of my favourite home audio projects. Many useful and fun builds based on engineering and measurement – not marketing.  There are speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, analogue filters, crossovers etc., but no open baffle nonsense, nothing vinyl-related or otherwise of the audiophile variety! No sales pitches, golden ears, “signature reference” cables, or other silly nonsense either.  And there’s nothing for sale here at all, and no ads of any kind.

With over 40 years of experience in the hobby and a degree in engineering, I’m reasonably competent, but certainly no scientist, audio professional or guru.  Sufficient faceless and incompetent examples of the latter dilapidate the internet already!

The site isn’t an authoritative source of information.  It’s simply a place where I post some projects and ideas.  If nothing else, I hope others doing similar things might enjoy the descriptions and pictures.

Oh … and as a kid (over half a century ago!) I loved those shows with the crazy aliens, so my stupid nonsense will be limited to ensuring their random appearances here on the revamped site.

As of Dec 2020, The blog will concentrate more on scale model building as I have no other audio projects in the pipeline. Maybe a page detailing any audio repair though.

Most recent page: Active Analogue Soundbar (May 2022)

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Please enjoy,

Ian (located in Oz)


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  3. If you try any of the projects and kill yourself with high voltage, then don’t come crying to me!  Note: Disclaimers 1 and 2 exclude Disclaimer 3. 😆
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