About me

Hello. Ian from Sydney. Politically incorrect, lapsed audiophile, gym junkie, lover of classic sci-fi and occasional builder of home audio wonders to share and enjoy great classical music, soundtracks and occasional jazz with friends. 😛

Not an electronics professional. More an engineering/science-based learner and builder with a predilection to measuring performance, then correcting things if necessary. With a success I’ll post a graph rather than wax lyrical purely on expectation bias like “one of them”.  Failures also admitted as part of the process.

Super critical of hyped-up audiophile mediocrity in fancy casework that simply doesn’t perform beyond 10% of price. Even more critical of those who claim to hear something “extra” from it – from amplifiers to so-called “high-res” audio formats, expensive cables and “isolators”, to pure Voodoo like “MPingo” discs scattered about their “sound sanctums” to ward off some kind of evil spirits that might steal audio quality! That kind of “power” is probably best left in The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, or a sanatorium! Yeah – still living in the past. 😛

Around 60 in age and retired from a tedious and enormously stressful career as a Patent Attorney where – apart from a handful of wonderful exceptions (who incidentally had degrees in engineering or science) – the “surroundings” were generally of self-important and uninspiring wankers – usually Trademark Attorneys. These days I just play around and thank good fortune I’m no longer part of it.

Have a real degree (from well before Australian universities were infiltrated by Chinese cheats) in Mechanical Engineering, a post-graduate diploma (also real) in IP and various other irrelevant and boring tags. More important these days are hobbies like this electronics one and scale model building.

Legally blind (but retain a speck of macular vision) with various and sundry other issues and nerdy quirks – like just don’t say “it’s right there in front of you” and we’ll get along fine.

I hope you enjoy my blog despite all of the above.